New solar power plant to be commissioned in Zamyn-Uud soum

The UB Post

30 Jun 2017

Erchim Teeg LLC is working with Japanese corporations Sharp and Shigemitsu Shoji to build a new 15 Mw solar power plant in Zamyn-Uud soum in Dornogovi Province. When operational, it will be the largest solar power plant in the nation.

The operation of a 10 Mw solar power station in Darkhan-Uul Province began on January 19, 2017. The Darkhan station was built in cooperation with Sharp and Shigemitsu Shoji.

Preliminary estimates presented by officials suggest that the Zamyn-Uud power station will contribute around 25.5 million kilowatts of clean, renewable energy to the central power grid. The new plant will help prevent the release of 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases from 18,000 tons of coal being burned, and could help reduce water usage by 257,000 tons.

Construction of the plant will commence in the third quarter of 2017 and is set to finish in the second quarter of 2018. The plant will be fully equipped with cutting edge solar technology from Sharp Corporation, including their high quality solar panels.

“This agreement for the construction of the new 15 Mw solar power plant has the capacity to help improve Mongolia's credit rating. It is also beneficial in that it implements the national renewable energy agenda approved by Cabinet,” reported Project Manager L.Ganzorigt.

L.Ganzorigt also highlighted that any project that is being implemented along the Sainshand- Zamyn-Uud route will be provided with reliable energy produced by the plant.

Sharp Corporation and Shigemitsu Shoji have both been active in the development of renewable energy in Mongolia. In addition to helping construct the 10 Mw solar power station in Darkhan, Sharp Corporation recently signed a memorandum with the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office to build a 20 Mw solar power station to supply power to Baganuur District residents.